Winter Rodeo

Winter Rodeo

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Back in the Proverbial Saddle

It has been a very long time since I have written a blog post, hence the chosen title. This is the beginning of my 33rd year walking the Earth and I am hopeful and optimistic about the future. The Winter has been off to a very wonky, wet, and lackluster start leaving me a lot of time to cross-train in order for my legs and body to be in prime shape for long days of snowboarding and hiking. Mt. Baker is finally getting some much needed snowfall (which I attribute my personal blessing as seen in the photo above). 2014-15 is the worst start to a season in about 40 years. Fingers crossed for cold jet-streams and big dumps!

About eight months ago I got back into running and it has been a difficult transition back due to old injuries and general body mechanics. At first I was satisfied with 1-3 miles at a time and now I am currently up to running 5 miles without serious or lengthy time in recovery. I definitely had some help and encouragement through the beginning from a special lady and I am extremely grateful for the extra push I needed. I don't plan on getting to a point where competitive running will be a goal or hobby, but you never know what could happen in the future. I am just excited that I have been able to persevere through the process of getting back into a way of being healthy and fit. I am still not eating the way that I would like to, but one thing at a time and a commitment to being a better me is all I can focus on.

This is my personal philosophy. Feel free to apply it to your own life if you should so choose!

The past few months have been quite a change to my normal approach to taking the easy road in life. A difficult relationship transition forced to re-examine my future, goals, aspirations, and methods of achieving them. Although the relationship ended in an unexpected amount of heartache I have taken this as an opportunity to consider my options and focus my attention and energy on a life-long dream. It is a long road to hoe and I am up for the challenge. At this juncture I am taking the necessary steps researching ways to fund the training and to get to a financially solid position to make the dream a reality.  See above photo for my outlook and approach. 
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