Winter Rodeo

Winter Rodeo

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Battles and Juxtapositions

For the insomniac - sleeping.

For the smoker - quitting.

For the adventurous - a "normal" day job and lifestyle.

For the extrovert - silence and solitude.

For the introvert - sales.

For the romantic - birthdays and holidays.

For the hopeless romantic - dating and courtship in today's environment.

For the rambler - setting roots.

For the dependent - avoidance of clinginess.

For the proud - admitting fault.

For the honest - the art of tact.

For the compassionate - objectivity.

For the trustworthy - faith in humanity.

For the confident - over-apologizing.

For the hard working - idle.

For the glutton - self-control.

For the active mind - meditation.

For the active body - stillness.

For me - all of the above.
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