Winter Rodeo

Winter Rodeo

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mt. Baker Season Opening Day 2013-14

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The snow God's have spoken and we were listening. It has been written. 

If you are one of the less fortunate and have a "real job" hopefully this weather system will continue to bring us more heaps of "Cascade Concrete" for your weekend warrior way. You could always take one of those coveted paid sick days and, "cough, cough," not make into the office. If you are a Western student may I recommend sending your lab or group partners that aren't into the cold and deep pow to pick up your assignments, take copious notes, and GET YOUR ASSES UP TO THE HILL!  For all of you "Washington State Ski Team Members," (i.e. seasonal workers collecting unemployment), UP YOURS. There is no doubt your slacker asses will be in line waiting for Chair 6 to open. 

I happen to have an early morning appointment that I cannot miss and will be desperately trying to find a ride up once my duties are complete. Follow the links below to see for yourself, but I promise you this is not a lie. I repeat, this is not a lie. If I don't see you there on Thursday we shall ride on Friday! Hope to see all of my ski-bum friends up shredding the gnar pow-pow VERY soon!

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