Winter Rodeo

Winter Rodeo

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Winter All Over Again!

The past couple of days have been absolutely stellar.  Snow has been falling not only on the mountain but also in Bellingham.  It is currently snowing in town and I had a great day up on the hill today.  Yesterday I rode Mt. Baker with my homey, Avi.  He is from the Ham and has been living in Hawaii for the past year and a half.  We met a couple of years ago and he was my riding buddy.  He leaves in four days so I have been trying to get as much time in with him as I can.  This is a picture of Avi setting up his board in the back of his rig:
Mr. Avi Schwartz
We rode from about 10 until the final bell of the day.  The snow was great and deep, but still very unstable.  Baker had received over 8 inches and it was cold and fluffy.  The pow turns were plentiful.  At one point we had considered going for a hike but as we were heading out onto Upper Elbow we witnessed two slides.  The first slide came from above onto the hiking path.  There was a crew ahead of us and as they continued through the sluff another skier/snowboarder traveled above them and set off another slide.  The second slide came down and almost buried the crew as they stood there watching.  As two of the guys dug out a third we turned downhill.  That was the end of our thoughts on hiking for the afternoon.

We lapped a couple choice lines and had a really great day.  Here's a little bit of a run that we took through some deep trees:

Later on in the day we rode some other fun lines.  Here's a wreck for your enjoyment: (please feel free to laugh)

After riding all day we decided that it would be a good idea that if I were to catch a ride back up with him in the morning I should crash at his rent's pad.  It would cut off a bit of the morning commute and make for a much easier travel day.  I came home, packed up all of my things for the day, and put together the things that we needed to be able to wax our boards.  We hit the sack while watching a snow-porn.  Over the course of the night it got pretty cold in the basement and I was lacking in the blanket department.  On top of trying to solve problems and waking from very busy dreams several times through the night I was also a bit chilled.  I awoke this morning a bit sore from riding, yoga on Monday, and a great workout Sunday night.  It has all been adding up over the past few days and my body is ready for a rest.  But not until after we rode today!

As I was getting ready to head up to the mountain this morning I unpacked my clothes and realized that I had forgot to put a key ingredient into the bag: MY THERMAL PANTS!  As I told Avi of this fact he mentioned that he had an extra pair that I could borrow for the day.  I am 5'9" 1/2 (the 1/2 matters) and Avi is about 6'Large".  I have a 28" waist and assume that Avi's is not in the same area code.  This was proven by the amount of times I had to roll the waist of the thermals like a teenage girl rolls her booty shorts before going to the swimming pool.  It was actually quite humorous.

We got up to the mountain after a very long drive.  The roads were icy and people were having a lot of trouble getting up the hill at a decent traveling speed.  At one point we were driving 25 mph before we even hit Glacier.  Once we got to the hill we scraped our boards and headed out to the hill.  I honestly believe that having on Avi's "Big-Boy Pants" helped me do this:

Did you notice the skier crash? Stop laughing. It's not nice to laugh at skiers. They know not the error of their ways. =)

The day was a success and riding with Avi was a blast.  It will be sad to see the homey take off in a couple of days, but hopefully we get to ride again before he bounces back to the islands.  As for now, I am beat and need to get some much needed sleep before a long day of work, webinars, and business meetings tomorrow.  Life is pretty great when you think about it.  I am blessed to be in this wonderful place and have so many great people to share it with.  Thank you for reading and enjoying my life as I put it out there.

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