Winter Rodeo

Winter Rodeo

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Great Week

What a week it has been.  A lot of snowboarding.  A little bit of business.  A whole lot of growth.

Monday was the Del show, and also Valentine's Day.  Bummed we couldn't get into the Bellingham Circus Guild performance, then heading to Del for a less than stellar performance started the week of to an interesting foot.  By the end of the week Del had announced that he felt super bad about the show and is going to make it up to Bellingham by throwing a free show on March 18th.  What a guy?!

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were awesome days up on Mt. Baker.  There was fresh snow everyday and nothing was sliding.  The visibility on Tuesday wasn't good enough for any real killer hiking, but the snow in the ski area was great for shredding all day long.  Wednesday the weather got a little bit better as far as visibility.  I was riding with some good friends and we managed to take a couple of sketchy lines down some fun stuff. Here is a little bit of a run from that day:

Thursday was by far the best day on the mountain for me.  Visibility was great and got better as the day moved on.  I hiked around and got fresh tracks all day long.  In morning my friend Jessica and  I rode mostly in-bounds, but by the afternoon it was all backcountry riding.  The snow was mostly stable with only a few surface slides in steep places.  I saw a few friends taking some pretty aggressive lines, but it was in my best interest to just have fun riding the lines that I was comfortable with.  My knee has been giving me some problems lately, so I took it pretty easy. On my way out the Arm the third or fourth time I hiked up a little bit higher and took the back way down. This is probably my favorite hit on the mountain right now:

Here is a bit of a line that I took Thursday afternoon with Stone Malone and JP:

Friday I spent the morning trying to clear my head of some negativity and irrational thoughts.  I went to Yoga with Guy at the La Vida Dance studio on State Street in Bellingham.  When I arrived Guy was the only person there.  Shortly after I had changed out of my gear into the proper attire another lady came to the class.  Guy kept a really good pace and tried very hard to keep me in the mix.  He could sense that my mind was troubled and that I was not as present as I could/should have been.  Sometimes it's hard to compartmentalize all of the things that I have going on in my mind.  I am working on it and sobriety is helping.

Yesterday I went back up to the mountain with my married friends and we went for a nice hike out towards Table Mountain.  T is about ready to quit smoking cigs and it showed.  He was having some trouble with his breathing as we were hiking.  I have noticed that my hiking and overall energy level and endurance has skyrocketed since I quit the cigs.  I set my completely tobacco-free date and have all of the supplies that I need handy to help with the transition.  The power of positive thinking is going to help me out with this one.  That and the fact that I know how good I feel right now!  It was a beautiful day and here's proof:

Look at the love-birds hiking together.  So stoked on these two marvelous friends!

This is me smiling!

Today is a mental health day for me. I am going to head down to the waterfront and get some much more needed vitamin D and read a book for a while.  I have some work things to accomplish this evening, but today is just way too nice to sit inside.  =)
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