Winter Rodeo

Winter Rodeo

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Season Ender

Winter is now officially OVER!

(That is if you only ride the chair lifts. ) 

Sunday was Mt. Baker's last day of lift riding for the masses.  The weekend was a good one, complete with powder on Friday and Saturday that turned to soft slush by the end of Sunday.  Not too bad for what most were calling a pretty shitty year.  I didn't agree, and still don't.  I feel that this has been one hell of a season!  I took some of the most amazing lines that I could have ever imagined, saw some of the nuttiest lines dropped by some rad rippers, spent some time with great friends, and managed to meet some more amazing people.

For the record:  Total Days Riding = 50
                         Total Days Hiking = 11

I'm pretty stoked to have that as my counter for a season in which I was obligated to spend quite a bit of time up on WWU campus dreaming of snow!

Now that I am transitioning to my climbing state of mind I can't stop thinking about how much fun it will still be to go and ride the areas that I can access by foot before I totally give up the board for the Summer.  There is still a chance that I might have to head up on the glaciers and slide around, too.  

Thanks to all of the great people that make the riding possible up at MBSA: Management, Operations, Admin, Patrol, Mountain Hosts, Medics, but especially the people that grind it out all season for next to nothing, bumping chairs, cleaning up after all the people that never seem to notice you hanging out in the lodge or bathrooms, behind the grills, and ripping around the parking lot parking cars.

  It's you guys that make it all possible at the ski area!

Let's do it again!
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