Winter Rodeo

Winter Rodeo

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Green Update

Things have been going pretty well.  I have managed to keep my meat consumption down, which is supposed to be better for the Earth.  Snow season is pretty much over, which means that my gas consumption is going to go down quite considerably.  I looked at fixing my bike and it seems like it might cost me a bit more money than I had intended.  So, while I figure out how I am going to take care of the bike thing I fixed my skateboard up so that it will be better for rolling around town and campus.

After doing the toxicity research on my shampoo and conditioner choices I tried using some all natural products.  I found that the Tea Tree Tingle hair care line from Trader Joe's didn't leave my hair as silky and smooth as the Aussie product.  This was concerning.  I am growing my locks out and need to be able to run my fingers through them, or even better my lady needs to be able to run her fingers through them without snag.  I don't know how to go about finding something that will work without spending a lot of money and wasting more resources finding an adequate replacement.  Dilemma?  I say so.

If you have a product that does a good job of cleaning and keeping my dome silky smooth without the contents in my earlier blog, let me know!
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