Winter Rodeo

Winter Rodeo

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Summer Trip to Vegas - Freehub and Voke Tab to Interbike

Riding shotgun in a large bus containing a couple dudes, some good tunes, and a mission.  The goal is to make it to Vegas for Interbike 2K11. This morning I woke up at 615 to Brandon Watts at my bedroom door.  Kalen Caughey was already outside with the Voke Bus and getting ready to go.  We loaded up the boxes of Freehub Magazine into the back of the bus and hopped on the road.  By noon we were entering Portland to pick up shirts and hats from Oregon Screen Impressions.  A few more stops to drop off tabs and meet with Mark, the owner of West End Bikes.  We grabbed some hot food to go and started our travel over to Hood River to store some cases of Voke for shipping.  We are on the road again headed as far as we can get towards Boise before calling it a long day. 

Some highlights of the day:
  • I forgot the Flag Pole and the American Flag for when we are camped out at the RV lots.  (Not really)
  • Eating a gyro at the food carts in Portland. 
  • Watching a 14 color screen printing press.
  • Hairpiece or Herpes
  • Sitting and watching the sunset on a deck overlooking Hood River in White Salmon, OR.
I've been doing a whole lot of thinking these past couple weeks.  My life has become busy again and I have been behind the wheel.  I picked up more work, went to the Gorge for the Dave Matthews Band Caravan to table for Protect Our Winters.  The purpose of the tabling was to introduce Coal Kills Snow to the people of Washington and her surrounding areas.  Also, to raise awareness for the organization.  We were able to score over 200 names to support the opposition of a 1.5 mile coal train bringing 48 million metric tons of coal from Wyoming to Western Washington's proposed export terminal at Cherry Point, with the help of some great ladies at the Sierra Club.  I have also been busy with the construction of the Freehub HQ.  I will be in Vegas for the next week, and once I get back to Bellingham I am sure that we will have lots to do.  Interbike follow-ups and the finishing touches on the HQ before Volume 2.2 of the magazine will be coming in from the presses.  Then shipping begins!
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