Winter Rodeo

Winter Rodeo

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Suck at Mountain Biking

For now, that is.

Last week I took a day off from snowboarding and ended up going on a bike ride instead.  My homey has a Transition Bottlerocket in his possession that another friend won and put together last year and is cool with loaning it out.  I haven't had too many opportunities to rally around the awesome trails that have been built here in Bellingham.  For the longest time I was so busy with school that I had to make serious choices about which fun activities I would allow to consume my time.  The majority of my free-time was used snowboarding.  When the weather got better I would ride road bikes.  The other major limiting factor was my fear of becoming injured.  If I were to become seriously injured while taking classes my life would have been hell.  Now that school is complete I have found that my snowboarding has improved and I have been increasing my skill level.  The other reason that I wasn't too big into the biking scene is that it is an expensive habit.  Bikes aren't cheap and to use a friend's bike and wreck it would have put me in a bind.  Once again, I have a lot more time on my hands to take care of such issues.  Here is the first of my soon to be many biking videos.  In this video you can see my buddy take-off and leave me in the mud.  The snow had only been gone for about a day or two and the trails were really sloppy.  Towards the end of this video you will be pleasantly greeted by a tree.

A word of advice: trees are stronger than you.  Go around them.

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