Winter Rodeo

Winter Rodeo

Thursday, January 27, 2011

SIA Pre-Show: Part Duex (Mostly About the Jones Line)

I spent last evening working on the Jones, YES, and Nidecker booth with the crews.  I intended on just saying hi, but ended up working all night with the guys.  I met Jeremy Jones and Forrest Shearer while helping these guys out with the arrangement and management of their booths.  This was around 6 PM, so I was already feeling quite out of it and not much of a conversationalist.  I had the opportunity to go and check out the Big Air Competition that was held outside of the Convention Center but: A) I didn't want to pay to see dudes snowboarding downtown and listen to crappy music, B) This is the industry that I want to operate in and to be able to be behind the scenes working on the setup of a booth for a company and people that I really admire was awesome.  Jeremy has a passion for this sport that I have always held a very high regard for.  It was a real treat to check out the line super early and see what the company has in-store for the consumer 2011-2012 season.

This year Jeremy has been working with a new company called KarakoramBC.  They are based out of Colorado and Washington and have created a proprietary splitboard binding system.  Last night the dudes were at the booth setting up the Jones Split line with their technology to be on display.  I talked with the guys and found out that the system is completely different than the Voile and Spark systems in that it actually creates a base that does not require moving pins and feeling like a glorified Tele or AT Ski.  This year the Hovercraft comes in either a solid or split, and the artwork was done by Mike Ennen.  The split will retail at $649.  The Mountain Twin split will retail at $749, while the "business" of the line, The Solution is going to be priced at $799.

Here is a look at the Jones' Booth from last night:
Wall of 2012 Boards to Touch

Boards with Descriptions and Inspirations

I also worked on the YESnowboard booth, too.  I have a shot from the pre-set and will have more to come.

 On an amusing note: the Nidecker guys are crazy and made a board with tons of QR codes all over it.  Have you ever heard of a site called  Well, sorry to spoil the fun but that is only one of the QR codes.  You have to get over to your shop that carries Nidecker to use your smart phone to see the rest!
Nidecker THU

We got out of the convention center at about 1130, then went to the hotel. Dropped off our bags. Went across the street.  The dudes got some beers.  I got a coke.  We all had perogies.  I finally passed out at about 145 AM.  Another crazy long day running on almost fumes for half of it!

OK, so here's a little bit more of an in-depth look at why I am really here.  I am looking for a job.  Not so much a job, but a career in the action sports industry.  Ultimately I would like to stay on the snowboarding side of the house, but at this point I know that I can make my skills kill it in any industry.  I don't want to just sell someone's widgets, I want to sell something that I know, use, can get behind, and promote with a passion.  So, there you have it.  Tomorrow is the job fair and I will be doing the rounds for my search, but I would really like to get down with a company on a deeper level.  I am also kind of picky about where it is that I am going to end up.   I would like to have my home base somewhere near. . . wait for it. . . a Mountain (or three!)

Time to get back to the show and see some more things.  Today is the actual day one.  I don't have any appointments, and I like that!

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