Winter Rodeo

Winter Rodeo

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SIA 2K11 Pre-show

We got in to Denver this afternoon after a very, very long drive.  Evan and Justine picked me up in Bend last night at approximately 5 PM and we hopped on the road.  After about four hours of driving we decided that we were going to head straight on til morning.  We switched off and on all night and drank about a million cups of coffee, each.  Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, to Colorado.  There was fog, snow, ice, large animals (both on and off the road).  To be quite honest with you it was a very crazy night.

We finally arrived in Denver this afternoon.  I was able to catch about an hour of sleep, and it was not the most comfortable and bad dreams plagued me, as Evan drove on.  Justine also caught a little bit of shuteye while we were trekking across the land.  Once we got into Denver we parked on the street and decided that we were going to try and catch a bit of time with a speaker presenting about Increasing International Social Media Presence.  By the time we made it to the convention center they had canceled the presentation, so we took a couple laps around the exhibition floor.

Right now I am about to head back up to the exhibition area and check out what has transpired while I checked my emails and made some phone calls.  I am planning on checking in with some of the guys that I know setting up a couple of booths and get some info on what is happening later this evening.  I am almost totally drained and need to find out what I am going to do about my sleep situation, too.  The Denver Big Air Competition is starting and goes until about 10 or so this evening.  I would really like to catch some of that.  Perhaps a little nap is in order first!?
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