Winter Rodeo

Winter Rodeo

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Back in the Gym

I was on campus this afternoon and had a break between classes so I went to Casa Que Pasa (home of the world famous potato burrito) for some grub, a Stone IPA, and the wi-fi.  The food was great as always.  I ordered a Green Magma Quesadilla add Asada.  It is basically a quesadilla with lettuce, spouts, crumbled cojita cheese.  It is a pretty rad meal if you are into veggies, but I like to add Asada because I am like that.

After some hearty beverages and quality eats for pretty cheap I rode my bike back up to campus.  When I say up to campus, if you have ever been to Western Washington University you know what I mean.  I went into the gym for a climb sesh before the WWU DECA chapter meeting.  I haven't been into the gym in quite some time and could tell.  I hopped on some easy stuff to get my blood flowing and limber up the joints.  The Wade King Rec can be a pretty big meat market but offers a pretty good amount of things to occupy your mind while giving your muscles a break from bouldering. 

The bottom line?  I need to climb more.  Not so much for the scenery, but the fact that my grip is pretty much shot.  After 45 minutes of climbing I had to go to the meeting.  Normally 45 minutes isn't enough to get a solid pump in at the gym, but today was just right.
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