Winter Rodeo

Winter Rodeo

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

25 Miler and Environmental Concerns

Yesterday morning I woke up and went out on an early ride.  I hopped on my bike with my sissy pants on, outer shorts of course, and headed out.  I rode into Bellingham from Fairhaven and stopped at my bro's lady's pad to pick up my water bottle.  Her car was locked and she was at the YMCA with her keys.  I rode to the Y, back to her place, filled the water bottle, then headed back out on the road.  

My initial plan was to ride from Bellingham to Ferndale and head East on Hovander Road.  I entered Marietta and started to feel pain in my knee.  Normally I have constant issue with my left (I ride regular and  front for snow, skate, etc), but yesterday it was my right.  I made it to about 13 miles into the ride and turned around due to the growing pain and growing concern.  I am going to assume that my knee suffered some acute injury while I was riding the 105 mile Tour De Whatcom. Sadly we didn't get the fist bump in there.  Of course my legs were sore after that ride but it went away and I thought I was all good.

As I was riding back into town I tried to distract myself by taking in the scenery.  There are some really nice mountain views of Baker along the course I had selected.  At one point I glanced to my right into the deep ditch off of the side of the road and to my surprise I saw a large white object.  Upon closer investigation I realized it was a washing machine.  A FUCKING WASHING MACHINE!  Seriously?  About a quarter mile further I saw another object.  This time it was the partner appliance to the previously mentioned.  I almost wrecked my bike.  Normally I try not to let the ignorance of mankind get to me, but yesterday kinda messed with me.  It's one thing to accidentally drop your beer can off of a chair lift, or a cigarette butt slips from your hand while out on the water.  There is no excuse for accidentally leaving your clothing cleaning devices 10 feet in a ditch off the side of a country road! 

Now I must let the leg rest for a couple days.  Saturday my good friends Terence and Alyson are getting married and I am going to need my leg to be in dancing condition.  No better time to cut some serious rug than at a wedding!
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