Winter Rodeo

Winter Rodeo

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Saturday Night Ride: WildCard Movies Fall 2010 Feature

"Prepare to get slammed into the back of your seat!"

WildCard Movies has released the first of 3 teasers for this year's feature film, 
"The Saturday Night Ride"
Featuring the riding of Patrick McCarthy, Nick Ennen, Forrest Burki, Andy Bergin-Sperry, Kurt Jensen, Tim Carlson, Andy Stern, Manuel Diaz, Jay Kelley, Shaun McKay, Joe Bosler, and Austin Sweetin.

If you are in the Bellingham area June 17, head to The Wild Buffalo House of Music for the Teaser Premier and mayhem to the sounds of Seattle's TRUCKASAURAS hosted by none other than Funner Snowboarding!

Tickets are 10 Bones with door prizes and giveaways throughout the evening.


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