Winter Rodeo

Winter Rodeo

Friday, May 28, 2010

Instant Marketing: Barcodes in Media

Transworld Snow is implementing a new technology this year that will make life a little bit easier for the consumer.   To connect with up to date information and an interactive web experience is going to be easier than ever before.  Scanning the ScanLife barcode with a mobile reader, i.e. smart phone, the user/consumer will be sent to the URL page.  This enables the advertisers to update the media links and news associated with their products and services without having to focus on costly modifications to media plans already being executed. 

Content is always current because the barcode can be updated immediately at any time. Advertisers can place these barcodes on any physical media, eliminating the need to type in Web addresses or search for specific content. 


Publisher Adam Cozens

The world of marketing it is all about fixing a problem, or at least creating an opportunity.  Apparently typing in a web address is a bit of a problem.  It is time consuming and not always the most convenient on the fly.  In order to crack the clutter the barcode system will allow the brand to instantly connect their market to the brand community.

Read the press release and further information @ TWBusiness
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