Winter Rodeo

Winter Rodeo

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sustainable Marketing Week 2.5

My weeks are all over the place with this late Winter/ early Spring storm cycle.  I am still working on getting into a rhythm with my school schedule and personal goals and interests.  Sadly, this means that my attention to maintaining a certain level of focus on my personal impact to the environment has taken a backseat to forward momentum.  I'll explain.

Generally I am really good about staying low on my personal fuel consumption.  Last week we got hit with another late storm and I had to drive up to the mountain before my 4 PM class.  I could have hitchhiked (illegal you say?) but that might have caused an issue getting to class on time.  Not only that but I really wanted to stay on the hill to the last minute that I could.  It was that good up there.  So, there's that and I also had to drive down to the closest Apple store to get a replacement phone.  Had there been anyone else that needed to go two hours south to the mall I would have carpooled.  Not really a feasible option.  That trip alone scored a hit on my technology recycling and fuel consumption scorecard.

Want to know where I did a good job last week?

  • didn't buy sandwich meat.  Got almond butter and jelly stuffs instead.
  • turned off my powerstrips when I left my pad.
  • closed my brother's window when he left it open and it was hella cold outside.  He tends to do stuff like that.  
There is something that I noticed about my house just now.  Actually, I noticed that the downstairs bathroom toilet need new hardware.  The float seems to have trouble going all the way back down and if not paid special attention it will run all day.  That could be as simple as a 20 minute fix, plus a walk over to the Hardware Sales.  I love that place.  So much stuff to look at and touch.  It's really fun to go in there with a friend and see how much fun stuff you can come up with to build, repair, create, destroy.  They have a tool for everything!

On another sad note, I am finally going to do the deed and give my bike a bit of an overhaul.  For a transportation device it is really efficient.  I think I spend between $100 to $150 a year in maintenance and repairs.  Probably less than that but I keep buying upgrades and accessories.  This time around I think I am going to have to get a new wheel and two new tires.  The guys at the shop take the old tires and recycle them.  I'm not exactly sure how that process works, but it sounds good.  

This week I am going to have to be a little bit more diligent in my approach to being conscious about my behaviors.  I guess you could say that I have been mindful of my operation, but not over the top in regard to being a posterboy for the "Green" movement.  If the goal is awareness I have definitely noticed a change in my consumption thought process.
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