Winter Rodeo

Winter Rodeo

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Going Green"

I don't usually watch a lot of television.  

Last week I was at my friend's place for dinner and we happened to have the TV on while we were eating.  Wheel of Fortune was on and they kept saying that they were "Going Green".  I love that Vanna White doesn't age.  Neither does Pat Sajack.  That dude looks the same as he did when I was a youngster watching the show from the kitchen table while Mom was cooking.  Something tells me that he has done a thing or two to reverse the effects of time on his carbon makeup.  

Anyway,  before and after every commercial break they would cut to footage of Vanna in a park or around some trees telling the world that they are "Going Green."  I find that it is interesting to note that they never mentioned how.  I thought about the principles of going green and could not reason how a show that is based on viewership and shiny lights, promoting products and services as prizes that contradict the notion of being better to the environment is truly achieving this result.  Are they using energy saving lighting and less electricity?

One of the prizes that was offered to the contestants was a trip for two to a vacation getaway with roundtrip airfare and and elaborate schedule of exotic adventures.  I personally find it hard to believe that a show that is supposedly "Going Green" overlooked the fact that sending people on airplanes doesn't reduce carbon emissions or plant trees.  How about donating the cost of that prize to the National Park Service or DNR to keep our trees and parks from being demolished.

As I watched the show I listened closely to see what they were doing to be more environmentally conscious.  There was mention that Vanna's dress was environmentally friendly.  That seemed pretty vague, but it was a really nice looking dress.  The show ended and I didn't see anything leading me to believe that they are doing anything more than someone else cashing in on the phrase "Going Green."  Ironic?  

I guess to Wheel giving away green with a greener colored stage set-up and Vanna in a green dress was enough to convince themselves it was a worthy effort and warranted such an expression of environmental concern.  To me it seems this is a prime example of the definition of greenwashing.

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