Winter Rodeo

Winter Rodeo

Monday, April 5, 2010

Late Winter

The past two weeks have been pretty phenomenal at Mt. Baker.  We received a ton of snow.  I believe that this might have been one of the best storms of the season.  My entire Spring Break was riding, minus two rest days.  Last week was the first week of classes.  I went from Tuesday to Thursday, then rode the mountain on Friday with my friend Seth.  He came up for the weekend from Port Angeles.  We killed amazing powder with almost no one at the mountain.  Lines for days with free refills!  I rode some chutes that I have never been through, pillow drops, powder valleys, and secret "staches" that will remain on the down low.

Saturday was the Easter Egg Hunt at Baker.  There were almost one million people on the hill, not really egg-agerating.  The lift lines were insane and the powder that had fallen Friday and Friday night was gone within a few hours.  Pretty much an epic day two.  I tried to ride some of the same crazy lines that I had ridden on Friday, only to find the pillows had been smashed and the run-outs were chopped.  It's pretty amazing how people manage to ride across the landing areas and run-outs of super sweet chutes and pillows causing one hell of a bumpy ride for those of us that actually hit that shit and try to bomb it.  

Yesterday was Easter.  There was hardly anyone at the mountain.  The lift lines were non-existent and the powder lines were endless out on the Shucksan Arm and Hemispheres.  All of that good snow from the days prior was holding to the snowpack amazingly and there didn't appear to be much if any movement and sliding.  I took three laps out on the Arm and had probably the best straight vertical dropping fall line of my life on the last trip out, but no helmet footage to go with it.  I wussed out of hiking anymore after that due to lack of recuperation from riding and Big Sexxy's birthday party the night before at Plan B Saloon.  Austin Jenkes killed it and we all got smashed.  Jenna was asked to leave the establishment early after we were swing dancing and raising hell.  Sadly, I forfeited my afternoon pow-lines for a sissy nap in Seth's truck.  

The weekend was a success, alas I must hit the books and return to the life of a college student.  Hopefully we get some more snow this week up on the mountain for my return this coming weekend!  I'll try to get some photos and video up on the web to go with this post later on.
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