Winter Rodeo

Winter Rodeo

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Ecological Fooprint is as follows as per FootprintNetwork:

Website Critical Assesment:

I wish I could turn the music off!  
          It is very hard to try and focus on this when I am trying to listen to the music of my choice while trying to figure out how horrible I am to my Planet and the other inhabitants of said Earth.

I tried out the options at the end of the test concerning changing a few of my lifestyle traits and the results were pretty entertaining.  If I eat less animal based foods I could reduce my impact by .1 Earths.  Seriously, I could go into detail about how off this test is.  For one, I am not a serious driver most of the year and when I do drive there is almost always another person in the car.  I choose to ride my bicycle.  Before the bike there was a skateboard for transportation.  I do own a car, but mostly for convenience and to get to and from the mountains that I hold so dear to my heart.  However, I must say that the web developers are most likely to err on the side of awareness and for the non-critical thinker this is a good start.  Sure, I eat some things that I have not grown and come from another living creature that had to eat and utilize the Earth.  There is a bit of a return that we are not able to offer our Mother planet and keeping that in mind is the key to ensuring that we live a lifestyle guided by moderation.  If I could be a completely self-sufficient human I would, but that is not exactly a possibility in today's world.  Here is a start to what I could do to reducing my footprint:

1) Turning off all appliances when I leave the house.  (My roommates won't mind, or follow suit.)
2) Eat less meat/pork/poultry.  At least not at every meal.
3) Pay more attention to origination of my food purchases
4) Try to use less heating energy. (This one I know will work out this quarter!)

I'll keep you posted.

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