Winter Rodeo

Winter Rodeo

Monday, April 12, 2010

Fantastic Weekend!

This weekend was a great one!  Lots of fun stuff went down.  Friday I rode Baker and that was fun.  Saturday I went to Alderwood Mall, kinda fun.  I did a pretty good amount of people watching and some marketing research for a project that I am working on which offset the misery of actually being at a mall.  The trip home from the mall was actually more fun than the mall due to the fact that I had to be pretty clever and utilize my love of the back/side roads and maps to skirt around the horrible traffic on I-5 through Mount Vernon (Washington).  Once back in town I met up with my lady at her house, worked on a proposal for a little while, then we headed to the Wild Buffalo to get our tickets to RJD2 and Busdriver.

The RJD2 show was totally wicked.  The show sold out and the place was packed.  Great for the venue, but a little bit tough to get dancing space.  Jenna and I had to use some pretty wacky dancing maneuvers to keep our flow with the crowd.  Challenging and fun at the same time!

Yesterday I rallied Baker with a couple homeys.  We took a couple speed laps on the groomers and made sure to ride the lifts once or twice.  Most of the inbounds were slayed from the onslaught of Northwest Powderhounds taking advantage of the recent storm cycle.  Awesome April.  After the rounds inbounds we headed into the slack-country.  There were a couple groups of people out playing in the soft snow.  We dug out a kicker and rode a train on it for a great afternoon of sunny spring play.  We all hucked ourselves wildly and wrecking was just as rewarding as sticking tricks.

Once home in Bellingham, I cleaned up and headed over to my friend Colleen's place for a sample of another stew concoction of hers.  She had made a delicious and hearty Beef, Barley, and Veggie stew and some very that was a perfect answer to my well earned appetite.  From there I headed back to the Wild Buffalo to catch yet another amazing line-up.

I arrived a little late and only caught a small portion of Cara Alboucq's set.  She has a great sound and rad presence.  A lot of fun.  Next on the stage was Miss VV Brown.  "Dangerously single" and just as dangerously beautiful.  VV brought the heat to Bellingham, gave us a special taste of her hip-hop skills with a Drake cover, and the dancing was on.  Her infusion of soul and energetic pop music had everyone moving their feet. (Blurred image thanks to iPhone.)

There was a short intermission and Little Dragon took over.  This Swedish quartet throws down some intriguing electronic with an energetic vocal flair.  VV Brown and Cara Alboucq were getting down in the crowd during the set and VV Brown joined Little Dragon on stage for the last jam.  I personally high fived everyone that played, Jenna and I snagged an autograph on a poster from the front window, and I rolled a spliff for Little Dragon.  Not a bad night to wrap up a pretty sweet weekend!
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