Winter Rodeo

Winter Rodeo

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Here I am, at the Apple store, in a MALL, on a Saturday.  Not just a Saturday, a beautiful Saturday.  Talk about some BS.  Right now I am waiting on getting my iPhone looked at.  I had to drive an hour and a half to get here. Why?  The Alderwood Mall is the closet Apple Store to Bellingham.  The other option would have been to drive over the boarder to the store in Vancouver, BC.  All I want to do is get an iPhone that will connect to the ATT service that I pay way too much money for.  I have had dropped calls and intermittent service for about a month now.  Lets see if this works out in my favor.

I just want to go SNOWBOARDING!

Yesterday was amazing at Baker.  People were charging the mountain super hard with amazingly light, soft NW snow.  Not exactly what any of us had expected to happen in April, but alas, we hit it with smiles.  Forrest Burki ollied over a chute on the Beast that was about a 70 foot gap/drop.  Nick Ennen was spinning his heart out.  Tarek Husevold and many other of the local shreds were taking on the avi danger with extreme care as the light snow from the Thursday night was releasing on the steeps.  Pay close attention to the WildCard Movies and Funner Snowboarding YouTube pages for sneak peeks at all of the action from the late Winter/ early Spring storms!

Update on the wait:  Been here for 30 minutes, with an appointment, and still not being helped.  Why?  Everyone and their mother is here for an iPad.  WTF?
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