Winter Rodeo

Winter Rodeo

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Powder Pooped!

After riding the past three days at Mt. Baker my ass is beat. I am completely exhausted. I went to school today and had one hell of a time trying to keep my head up and be positive. I really do not like complaining and it is one of my worst character traits, so I had to try REALLY hard not to bitch and moan about how completely drained I am. I think that I over did it to the point of actually being angry at myself. Lets go back and evaluate the events of the weekend to see where I may have screwed myself over.

Friday Night:
  • hung out at the house and drank beers.
Saturday Morning:
  • woke up at 530 to go to the mountain.
  • 700 got pulled over for "speeding" (the cop was a dick and I'm gonna fight it, but that's another story)
  • rode pow in-bounds and got freshies until Noon!
  • drank a couple beers.
  • Hiked the Arm
  • Drank a couple beers.
  • Had a sandwich.
  • Rode some more.
Saturday night:
  • Got a flick and stayed in.
  • No overnight snow so woke up later
  • Rode the mountain
  • Drank beers
  • Ate a sandwich
  • Stopped by the Mount Baker Snowboard Shop. (Thanks for hooking Terence up!)
Sunday night:
  • Partied with Ian Harper for his big 25 b-day.
  • Drank a bunch of good beers.
  • Ate a bad-ass pasta salad. (Thanks, Colleen!)
  • Drove up to support my peeps in the Legendary Mount Baker Banked Slalom Locals Qualifier. (Why the longwindedness?)
  • Drank some beers.
  • Hiked Hemishperes
  • Drank a little water.
  • Drank a beer.
  • Ate a bunch of baby carrots.
I guess there are two major factors at play here. First and foremost, not enough water. Second, I need to eat. Third, I left out all of the nonsensical cigarettes that I smoke, to which there would be too many pauses for a smoke break whilst, trying to read between all of the smoke breaks.

I hope you enjoyed my photos and have learned a very valuable lesson. Get outside and play as much as you can, just remember to eat plenty of food, and drink lots of water! (Good beer, too!)
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