Winter Rodeo

Winter Rodeo

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bluebird Sickness

From the title most people would assume that I have some rad pics or a neat story of opening day at Baker. Not the case. What I do have is a sob story. A story of how one man didn't get out of bed this morning to go to school or the mountain.

Last night I wasn't feeling so hot. I got home from campus and took a nap, ate some cereal, then went down to the Y for a little climbing. And a little climbing is all that I was able to accomplish. My body was aching, muscles not reacting, head pounding, hands sweating more than normal. I could feel that I my body was trying to tell me to get in my bed and rest. I didn't.

After climbing I went to Rudy's Pizzaria for some dinner. You can't skip out on cheap pizza at Rudy's. Wednesday nights are half off normal prices of all one topping pizzas. 8 bucks for a large is RAD! Anyway, ate some food then came back to the house with Evan and Tuli. We kicked it for a bit then watched the Schwarzenegger classic, "The Running Man." Note: If you want to see some sick ass futuristic dancing check out that flick. The women do a version of the MC Hammer dance that's to die for. I mean, you will most likely die laughing.

Ok, so the movie ended and I crashed out. I was supposed to wake up this morning and go to class. Didn't happen. The worst part about not going to class this morning is that while I was lying in bed, hoping I would feel better, I thought to myself, "I could be up on the mountain catching the first lifts of the season and be back on the road to work by 1030." I would have much rather been doing that than in bed coughing and dreading the upcoming work day. Plus, I still have a ton of homework, too.

Time to shower and do an MC Hammer dance.
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