Winter Rodeo

Winter Rodeo

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bachelor Party Weekend

Last Friday afternoon a group of guys headed down to Baker Lake, WA to get a little bit of pre-wedding relaxation in.  What occured was exactly like what I planned.  There was a lot of beer, dirty jokes, meat on the grill, and a whole lot more canoe trips than I had envisioned.  We shared stories of life and relationships, mostly the good ones and avoided the bad ones.  I left my camera, phone, and all other photographic devices on the shore in my truck to avoid the desire to capture the secret camping debauchery that was inevitable in our "Pirasta Cove."  Others brought cameras, so I really have no idea what will surface in the future.  For now, my mental images of awesome dudes doing awesome things in the wilderness are all that I need.  Especially the image of capsized canoes at 2 AM and our newly found friend "JUDY!".  

Next stop for Mr. Terence Klein:  The Altar!

I guess I have to say that the best idea that I have had in a long while was to take the Bachelor Party to the great outdoors and keep the party rolling for three days.  The traditional stripper, booze, bad decisions aren't all that glamorous or even necessary!

Also, if you find yourself heading out to Baker Lake don't miss out on the opportunity to drink some amazing beers and toss some horseshoes at the Birdsview Brewing Co.! Incredibly strong beers with great taste!
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