Winter Rodeo

Winter Rodeo

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Big Guy

Here's a little story about my Pop.

His life began in the city of Baltimore, Maryland.  Grew up in the depression and was in the seminary for the good part of his adolescent life.  He left the pre-clergy life and the ways of the Roman Catholic Priesthood to fly airplanes.

Not just airplanes.


He flew in the United States Navy and defended the Constitution of these United States of America during several conflicts.  At the time he was 6'4" and managed to cram his huge ass into the small cockpit to fly countless missions in battle.  A brave leader.

He raised a family and led the life of a career military man.

After surviving the trials of life, and rendezvous with death as a Naval Aviator he surrendered his commands and gave up life of a sailor to return to life as a civilian.

We met several years later, when I was a very young boy.  He and my Mother had fallen deeply in love and they began the first chapters of their life together.

We grew together to have a bond that is seldom spoken of in todays society.  I gave him a run for his sanity and we survived only to become great friends.

Pop has been battling cancer for ten years now.  He was given months.

My Mother has remained faithfully by his side.

During his battle with cancer he was required to have a hip replacement due to the deterioration of his bone.  During the operation a nerve was severed in his leg causing "Drop Foot".  The cancer spread further throughout his body over the following years.

While he was at a hospital this past November there was  an "accident."

Due to the injuries he sustained he was forced to reside in constant nursing care.  Pop spent months in the hospital bed working through his rehabilitation so that he could return to what he had come to know as a comfortable existence at his home in Alabama.

He has been home now for three weeks and has to return to the hospital for another operation tomorrow.

"To lose some weight," he said to me.

A sore became more than a sore while he was in the nursing home and he is having his leg amputated.  After much thought and deliberation he decided that this is the best of the two options that were given to him.  After some time he will be able to undergo physical therapy and occupational therapy once again.

I pray for Pop tonight.  I have been a lot less religious in recent years, but there has to be a reason that the most amazing people in the world have to go through so much pain.  There is something greater out there calling the shots and for whatever reason it has kept Pop around far longer than anyone could have predicted.

God, Allah, Buddha, Jesus, Yahweh, Jah, Bahá'í and all of the other names you got. . . you puzzle me.  
Thanks for keeping us all on our toes and never letting it get boring.  
P.S.  My Mom and Pop could use a couple years to get over this one!
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